To create a world-class energy & maritime investment “Powerhouse” combining strategic partnership & investors with financial and business expertise.


KBI is a dynamic, diversified business conglomerate operating in the Middle East with a wide global connectivity. We are working with regional and international partners and investors; we always look to expanding our business opportunities in local and international markets with a strategic approach.

KBI was founded as part of the strategic initiatives taken by the GCC states to create an added IN-COUNTRY VALUE INITIATIVES & PROGRAMME and increase DIRECT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES and since then it is committed towards the continuous developments of a range of sectors including oil & gas, energy, trade, natural resources, industry, navigation and many more business structures.

KBI takes advantage of varying economic conditions and gains ability to capitalize on many emerging economies. KBI and its subsidiaries are pioneers in their own areas of expertise and continue to achieve success and growth.

KBI keeps adding value to its business by providing dynamic leadership and assistance in projects development, operation management and investments, as well as formulation and implementation of corporate strategies and philosophies in order to achieve sustainable growth. We are part of the nation social and economic fabric locally and internationally.