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The Dubai Council for Marine and Maritime Industries

The Dubai Council for Marine and Maritime Industries (DCMMIemirares) is a specialized industry council (non-profit trade and industry council) formed in 2013 to promote the interests of the marine and maritime industry in Dubai and the UAE. DCMMI represents a wide cross-section of the UAE’s marine and maritime industry such as Offshore & Engineering, Ship Repair & Maintenance, Shipbuilding & Conversion Rig Building, Chandlery and Yacht Services.

The Council members are represented by operators, ship owners, charterers, marine legal service providers, ship managers, brokers, P&I clubs, port operators, marine insurance companies, ship chandlers and yacht manufacture, maintenance and management companies. As well as most of the established local and international manufacturers and suppliers of marine and offshore components, it also represents marine and offshore engineering contractors and companies whose activities are directly related to the industry including classification societies and marine consultants.

For the Council Business Permit, please click here to download.

Website: http://dcmmiemirates.ae/


Mare Forum

The Mare Forum conferences are considered by many to be among the most global and influential forums for the maritime and shipping industry. Currently events are held in Europe, North, Central and South America, Asia and the Middle East.

Views are shared and debated from ship-owners and ship-operators, charterers, traders, analysts, bankers, consultants and entrepreneurs, classification societies, regulators, maritime lawyers, port and terminal operators, yacht owners and yacht services representatives, the media and other members of the maritime community from the region and all over the world who take an active part at these prestigious conferences. The conferences provide an interactive forum to participants to network, learn, discuss and debate all contemporary and future themes in the shipping, marine, yachting and maritime industries and the world.

High level session chairmen, speakers, session panelists, discussion panelists and audience contribute to a day packed with knowledge transfer, exchange of visions, experience and stimulating discussions. The openly approach of this type of Mare Forum conferences produces a wonderful environment for brainstorming, sharing and improving knowledge and intelligence.

Mare Forum collaborates with a large scope of international organizations, and in the process of expanding its research and promoting new projects, maintains an active network of forward-thinking, high-level individuals in a range of sectors. Mare Forum has frequently created groundbreaking and progressive concepts, developing them into conferences on an international level, and drawing world-wide attention. The international conferences of Mare Forum have attracted the active participation of governmental officers, policy makers and executives of the industry, and have resulted in the creation of new policy, effective networks and fresh perspectives of the future.

MARE FORUM's goal is to bring together policy makers and chief executives of industry in a decisive dialogue and debate, where business strategy and policy-making for today and tomorrow’s issues can be realized with optimal results.

Website: http://mareforum.com